When I was first starting my business I looked everywhere for someone to help me, I had completed my training but I knew my work wasn’t the best and I really struggled to find clients.

I took me a 10 months to start making $1000 a week and when I finally found a business coach to help me, I tippled my sales the very next month and everything changed.

I often receive messages from other techs asking for help with their business and finally I have developed a program designed to give you the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and take my wins and make them your own from the start. 


Training Independent, Profitable Salons

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Tips is for you!

The TIPS Mastermind is a 12 month business and marketing transformational program which shows you how to generate unlimited new clients with Facebook ads and run a highly profitable business.

So what sort of things will be covered?

Know your numbers

The first step in taking your business seriously is knowing your numbers. 

How much does it ACTUALLY cost you to do each service.

Once you know your numbers, we can then start working out how many clients you need to achieve your first financial goals.

Nail your Branding

Having a business that looks professional on social media is one of the most integral steps in building your business success. 

How your business is perceived by current and new clients translates directly into how much they are willing to pay you.

Your work doesn’t need to be flawless to grow a loyal and well paying clientele.

WTF do they want from you

Sales, it doesn’t need to be a dirty word OR one that makes you wanna run and hide.

Having great sales conversations are super important when you are converting a lead into a paying customer.

How to write facebook ads

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to attract new clients. I am  going to share with you the two ads I have had running for months that made me over $10,000 in new clients and cost me less than .20c per lead.

Increase your Prices

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of just charging what everyone else around you charges.
However your expenses and theirs I guarantee are VERY different.

We will discuss how to increase your prices and keep your current clients happy too.

Work smarter not harder

How many times have you said ‘I don’t have time!’ 
Together we will look at where your time is going and programs I use every day to keep me on task and my business flowing. 

Your customer experience

The key to having loyal clients is not just about providing the best looking nails…. 

Great nails are a bonus, but it’s actually the customer experience that keeps people coming back.

Together we will develop your unique experience.

Benefits of a great website

When new clients are looking for a new salon the first thing they will do is ‘google it’

We will discuss what you need to ensure your website stands out.

How to create stand out videos

Your smart phone and a few apps is all you need to create videos that will make potential clients stop and take notice

Videos have a greater organic reach on social media too so the chances of them being seen is greater too.

Insta famous

Instagram is one of the most popular ways you can promote your work but did you know it is also a search engine.

Yep! #hashtags enable people to search for your content so it makes  sense we need  a strategy that delivers.

Success mindset

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right!!

Together we will look at your mindset and I will help you overcome blocks and beliefs that are holding you and your business back from success.

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I am so excited you are looking at joining  the TIPS mastermind. In the constantly changing field of nails and digital marketing, it is my mission to provide struggling nail technicians with the skills & strategies become one of the most successful & recommended nail salons in their area.

Carly Renee xx

Enjoy the following bonuses
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Clarity Call

Are you struggling to gain clarity with your business  and need someone to talk it over with and help you choose what is right for you?  

As an extra bonus you will receive a 1 hour clarity call with Carly.

 Valued at $499


Monthly Masterclass

Each month in addition to our weekly trainings we we will also host industry professionals for a 1 hour masterclasses.

 The educators will be a combination of nail educators and business leaders to not only help you become the best technician in your area but also expand and elevate your business knowledge

Valued  at $4999.


How to build membership service

For the last 2 years I have been very successfully running a membership for my clients. 

They pay for their appointments weekly, and it costs me NOTHING!!!!

For the first time ever I am now sharing the companies and processes I use to create this.

Valued $499.

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Carly Renee is a mum of 3, award winning nail technician and multi 6 figure salon owner in North Brisbane. She now helps other driven business women grow highly profitable businesses.