Give Your Business The
Credibility It Deserves

Create a completely custom website with total ease using Wordpress. 

Have you been thinking about creating your own website, but you don’t know where to begin?

You have looked on You Tube and the tutorials all seem so confusing or worst OUTDATED.

You can't afford to pay a designer but know your site needs to look and feel AMAZING.

You may have even tried to build your site but you could never make the header look just right, or figure out how to change specific fonts or colours, let alone have a moving background picture or video.🤯

If this sounds like you, you're going to LOVE this course and it's simplicity!

Broken down into 10 weekly modules with a total of 35 lessons, we cover all the technical components of building your website, show you exactly how to create completely customisable pages and even cover SEO basics.

Everything in the course will allow you to confidently build your website with total ease and customisation with NO CODING required.


    During this  10 Week Course  I will teach you exactly how to build your website, create unique email addresses and even set up a shop or online booking system. Each week we will explore not only the how but also the why with every step. To make sure your website oozes  CREDIBILITY  PROFESSIONALISM with your potential clients, you will also receive weekly workbooks to complete to really make your brand stand out.  

    What's Covered?

    Installing Wordpress

    1.1 – Register Your Domain Name
    1.2 – Choose a Host
    1.3 – Change Domain Nameservers
    1.4 – Install WordPress

    Master Behind The Scenes Of Your Site

    2.1 – Create Custom Email Addresses
    2.2 – Set up Email Forwarding
    2.3 – When And How To Use Autoresponders

    Plugins Your New BFF

    3.1 – Install and Activate
    3.2 – How To Customise
    3.3 – Learn How To Update and Delete

    Search Engine Basics

    4.1 – Install SEO Plugin
    4.2 – Install Image Size Editor
    4.3 – Learn How To Name Images
    4.4 – What's An SEO Friendly Heading

    Images That Stand Out

    5.1 – Where To Find Images
    5.2 – How To Upload
    5.3 – SEO Friendly Image Titles

    Installing Your Theme

    6.1 – Theme Settings
    6.2 – Pages and Navigation Menus

    Create Contact Forms

    7.1 – Create A Form For Your Contact Page
    7.2 – How To Embed Forms in Pages
    7.3 – Linking Forms To MailChimp Lists

    Let's Make Everything Match

    8.1 – Install All Of Your Brands Fonts
    8.2 – Set Up Your Brand Colours
    8.3 – How To Create, Save and Upload Templates

    Set Up Shop

    9.1 – Navigating Woo Commerce
    9.2 – Upload A Product
    9.3 – Completing A Transaction


    Creating Your Pages

    10.1 – Create A Page
    10.2 – Choose A Layout
    10.3 – Create Password Protected Pages
    10.4 – Learn How To Use Elements


    Take your business to the next level

    • Attract LOTS of new clients and start making more $$$
    • Make your business STAND out
    • Grow your business RAPIDLY

    More Clients = More Profit = More Freedom


    Are you ready to start making more money?

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    Are you ready to start making more money?


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    The BIGGEST mistake a small business can make, is to think and act like a SMALL business!!

    So how much is it going to cost?

    $770 upfront or

    a week

    Carly Renee is a mum of 3, nail educator, business builder and coach located in North Brisbane, Australia. With over 5 years experience in business and social media marketing, Carly now specialises in helping creative & high achieving small business owners rapidly build successful and profitable businesses. 

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